When a woman is truly radiant, her beauty is unmistakable. Luminous and expansive, she is magnetic, Attractive, lovely and sensual.

A woman will light up a room when she radiates confidence and peace in herself. She becomes magnetic and beautiful.

She is not running with a deficit in her tank, a need to be filled.

The path from believing what society says is beautiful to feeling radiant and empowered can be a long haul for many women.

It’s a journey of finding self-acceptance and self-worth that’s far removed from physical appearance and bodily attributes.

The quality of her depth, passion and willingness to grow sets her apart.

It’s an inner beauty connection that makes a woman beautiful

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About The Author

Trudy Johnston

Trudy Johnston is a grandma, life-long student of transformation, passionate writer, media whiz, story teller, tango dancer, yogini and chocolate addict.

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3 Responses

  1. Ankya

    Thank You Trudy Johnston for creating The Butterfly Temple. This is such an important issue you are addressing here.
    As women, let’s become the ‘Heroines’ of our own Life by self-referencing rather than allowing the outside to determine our value ! That’s True Beauty…

  2. Sally

    Well done, Trudy. The conversation about truth and beauty and the truth of beauty is an ancient one and yet it still manages to fall through the cracks of our thinking as we are distracted by the world ‘outside’ ourselves. I remember reading a comment by actress Sally Field that said something like, ‘it took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.’ I’m sure The Butterfly Temple will do its bit to redirect our attention to the beauty within…and what’s more not to judge but to simply realise what is already there. Highly likely everything we’ve ever dreamed!

  3. Sarah

    Great article – thanks Trudy! I think the key word here for me is ‘peace’. Part of finding your own beauty is creating a reservoir of your own inner peace and harmony with yourself.


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