Let me preface this article by confessing that I have hijacked The Butterfly Temple blog. I feel blessed to work on this global campaign but was unsure that if I showed this article to our fearless leader, Trudy, she would allow me to post it. I hope it inspires you to look around you, recognise and thank the warrior women among us.

If we’re lucky, we realise we’re in the company of a warrior woman as soon as we meet them.

They are the women fuelled by passion, anchored by experience and blessed with the generosity to share both.

They are the women who stand up for what they believe in when most would fall.

If we’re lucky, we realise we’ve met them straight away.

This was the case when I first met Trudy Johnston.

I was at a networking breakfast. You know the kind – each person stands up and introduces themselves.

When Trudy introduced herself, I knew I had to navigate my way down to her end of the table and meet her.

It turned out she waded through the participants before I could. She shook my hand, gave me her business card and said we needed to speak before apologising for having to leave for another appointment.

Call it intuition. Perhaps a gut feeling. But I knew there was something about Trudy that made me want to follow her.

She was an obvious leader. I wasn’t sure where she was leading us all. But I knew that I wanted to find out.

What I would eventually learn is that she is, in fact, a modern day warrior woman.

The Warrior Women of Chapters Past

There are warrior women dotted throughout the history of the world.

Those who have stood for justice and peace. Those who have changed the fate of communities, countries and the world in which we live today.

There was Nakano Takeko who broke centuries of tradition to become one of the only female power samurais in Japan’s history.

Or Queen Boudicca who as the Queen of a Celtic Tribe commanded a tribe of 100,000 to topple the Roman Capital of Britain

In more modern times, we have Nancy Wake the World War II resistance leader who shot her way out of roadblocks and biked 70 hours through perilous Nazi checkpoints to deliver radio codes for the Allies.

Or perhaps Rosie Batty who now devotes her life to eliminating domestic violence across Australia after her 11 year-old son was murdered by his father

Look Around You

It’s easy to spot the warrior women of history. Hindsight gives us the perspective to see their actions for the ultimate benefit they afforded society.

It’s not always so easy in modern day.

Don’t forget, it took the Catholic Church 460 years to declare Joan of Arc a saint.

Our lives are so full of schedules, deadlines and the daily grind that we simply don’t see so many of the blessings that happen around us.

Here is a lesson I have learned.

When you meet someone for the first time – actually meet them.

Be in the moment. Take time to listen to their story and ask questions about their lives that will tell you about their values.

Then listen to your instinct, heart, gut…whatever sense you use to just know when you’ve met someone that you should cultivate a relationship with.

That’s how we identify the warrior women among us. That’s how we absorb their wisdom and begin the journey to becoming warrior women ourselves.

DNA of a Warrior Woman

I’m lucky enough to have a living, breathing example of a warrior woman & Women Self Esteem in my life.

Here are the gifts she offers us all:

Unbelievable Strength – Trudy is a female power and woman who has lived a big life. She has built empires from nothing. Lost everything. Found everything. In the face of every challenge she continues to learn lessons and rise up again and again. Her strength carries her and many others in a perpetual forward motion.

Uncanny Intuition – She just knows things. She senses them. She dreams them. Occasionally I’m concerned she can read my mind. She has an incredible intuition. And unlike most people she recognises it and listens to it. It serves her and anyone who follows her well.

Unbridled Passion – Trudy dreams big. Her vision is global. And unlike most of us this doesn’t scare her, it excites her. When you meet her, you know she will do something big. She will change the world.

Inability to Stop Teaching – Her drive to help others by sharing her wisdom, experience and knowledge is genuine, organic and non-stoppable. In her every action she is teaching someone something. And like the best teachers, she knows when to sit back and let us learn our own lessons.

The Warrior Within

From the moment I met Trudy I aspired to be like her. To become a warrior woman myself.

What I didn’t realise until just recently is that I am already on that path.

Every lesson I have learned from Trudy, both professionally and personally, has been another step closer to finding the warrior woman within me.

From Trudy I have learned the power of clarity, the gift of patience and the courage to keep standing up for the world I want to live in.

I will always be thankful to have Trudy in my life.

And now I know how to see every warrior woman around me and find the one within.

Kim Pink


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