All too often, we are told to go with our feelings. Yet, to truly make our contribution in the world, we must continue to teach, to heal, to write, to reach out even on the days that we don’t really ‘feel’ like it.

The way a soul-purpose unfolds is akin to each of the developmental milestones we bear witness to in our own children.

Talent, intention, discipline – mastery

Each and every stage of life we are in, contributes to a greater understanding about who we are, what we are naturally gifted at and how we make our gifts work in the world. Raw and natural talent isn’t enough. There needs to be an exertion of intention, discipline and will to achieve mastery.

Dharma is often not the smoothest and easiest road

After coaching several clients for hundreds of hours on the intricacies of finding and embracing dharma, I have come to the understanding that your unique dharma may not always be the smoothest and easiest road to take.

It may take more guts, more determination and more perseverance than you bargained for. Yet, it is ultimately, the road to your greatest freedom, fulfilment, soul growth and satisfaction. It’s worth suffering, for your contribution truly is profound. Yet we can also choose not to suffer if we know who we truly are at our core.

Our spiritual covenant

There are polarities at work at any one moment as we bring the expression of our dharma into being. Dharma is our spiritual covenant which is effectively like a contract we have made before we take human form. This covenant is our promise to carry out a specific set of duties while we are here. We can have several covenants including the duty of bringing other beings into existence (parenthood) and caring for another so that they can bring important work into being.

Anatomy of soul purpose – all parts of you

The anatomy of your soul purpose consists of each of the requisite parts that make up your constitutional state of being. These requisite parts are your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic layers. Each of these aspects make a contribution to the qualities of your unique purpose or dharma. Most importantly, these aspects carry a resonance or a blueprint that cannot be faked or fraudulent.

Will and determination for your unique expression to finds its place

They are as they are, divinely ordained and awaiting an expression which no-one but you can bring in to being. Holistically speaking, these aspects must also work simultaneously and in alignment with one another for momentum and flow to occur. Your role, as a human being, is to exert right will and discipline in order for your unique expression to find its right place in the world.

Not enough to simply know your soul purpose

Contrary to what you may have read, it is not enough to simply ‘know’ your purpose. Many of my clients come for coaching because they know their soul purpose already. The challenge is, that in the downloading of their purpose into worldly structure, they may have lost sight of their ‘why’ and their big vision has become more of a burden than an inspiration

Instead of resting solely on your natural and innate talents, there is very real effort required to put these talents into a coherent and productive form so that you can experience true freedom and honest expression.

Support and being witnessed

A good coach is like bread, completely neutral, bearing witness to your discipline and holding you accountable for the expression that has been eluding you. There is something powerful about being witnessed. The non-judgmental space of witness and observation alone can provide fertile soil for attenuation, healing, momentum, realisation, insight and inspiration.

It’s liberating to see the fruits of your labour. Yet, you are not supposed to journey alone. Having a witness can be the secret ingredient that bridges the gap between your current reality and your desired reality. Listen carefully as your soul purpose is calling you. Choose a mentor who can really see your strengths and proceed to reach for the stars.

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