Margot Anand exudes an intensely alive demeanour. This French crone is direct but gentle, and delivers her teachings with humour, lightness and passion.

“I teach sexual ecstasy,” she says. “Sexual ecstasy is the art of feeling ecstatic in your love life – the art of using sexual energy as a form of meditation to achieve ecstatic states of consciousness.”

Margot Anand is an internationally acclaimed authority on Tantra, best-selling author, teacher and founder of SkyDancing Tantra®. As a yoga teacher in her late teens, she found her path through her first lovemaking experiences, which were ecstatic. She’s spent decades studying with many of the world’s prominent masters of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, including Osho.

A few years ago Anand moved to Bali, after closing her office, releasing her staff and all she had created. Recently she’s back to touring the world and teaching extensively, assisting people to find what is already inside them, to make love with more consciousness and to bring back the sacred into sexual union

She strongly urges people to set aside regular time to practice and master ecstatic sexual techniques, just as you would a yoga or martial arts practice. Anand is forthright, “for you to be empowered and get through Tantra is predicated on a practice, you cannot become Rubenstein if you don’t do your piano scales every day.”

She developed her method through having tantric partners with whom she would diligently practice after every training or workshop. They would go for a week to 15 days to a beautiful place, have a scheduled practice, take whatever visions she received from this and embody them into the practices.

“What is beautiful in my love and ecstasy training practices is that I teach people that they don’t have to resolve their ego stuff, they just have to do the practice,” she says.

Margot Anand states that the universal beginning point for sexual ecstatic practice is to bring awareness into, and focus on, each of the chakras as the energy moves upwards from the root to the crown chakra. The first three chakras are the sexual centres – the root chakra, the second chakra in the hara (approximately three fingers below the naval) and the third, the solar plexus or power centre.

The explosive orgasm of release usually occurs in the first three chakras, according to Anand. “Sexual energy empowers you at least in one beautiful way to feel embellished, revitalised and that it’s possible to have a great moment. And in that process the limitations – namely dependency, neediness and jealousy – that are inherent to this area of our being, can be also re-stimulated.”

Anand teaches people how to channel the sexual energy (and transcend the limitations) through moving the energy whilst making love through the central channel (spinal column), which the Chinese acupuncturists call the middle meridian and the Taoist teachers call the Inner Flute.

Anand says that “when you let that inner energy rise through to the next chakra – the heart chakra – it gathers there and you have a heart-gasm. That means you have an experience as if you are falling out of a plane with a parachute. There is a deep opening, a melting, where you have compassion for and passion with your partner. You feel that in that wonderful heart level you have become one, in love and acceptance.”

The sexual or orgasmic energy is then channelled up to the throat chakra. The throat opens so the orgasmic energy is expressed as sound. It communicates to your partner, ‘yes I’m feeling it, it’s wonderful’ or whatever else you need to express.

If your throat is closed however, and you don’t make sound, it’s often not healthy because frustration can build up, the orgasm is missed, which then translates into negative bio chemicals that flow through the body and create contraction.

She thus coaches people to learn the art of communication, using words and language that are not teaching, demanding or critical, but more like an invitation. “Give your partner the feeling they are on the right track and then ask for what you want, which means that in the process of making love, you are communicating with each other,” she suggests. “That’s the thing you have to learn.”

From the throat chakra the ecstatic energy travels up the Inner Flute to the Third Eye. “That’s where your orgasmic energy will, in a subtle way, expand beyond the boundaries of the body and give you a sense of spaciousness,” explains Anand.

“So all of a sudden you have access to floating, as in meditation, when the body is expanding on more subtle auric fields. You can be joined in a way that is not dependent on how you move or what you do, but in stillness.”

“The orgasmic energy then channels all the way to the crown chakra and you further expand to feeling the oneness with all that is,” she says. “You feel that you have touched the Divine and the Divine is touching you and you become one in that.”

Moving the energy through the chakras also involves the Three Keys which Margot Anand teaches to achieve optimum flow of energy – building up and discharging energy in the body: breathing, moving and expression. Her book The Art of Sexual Ecstasy elaborates on this process and how it is the foundation for further practices.

The book outlines in detail the process to experience peak states of sexual ecstasy which include: preparing for deep sexual communion in trust and love; enhancing intimacy; harmonising the inner man and woman; advanced techniques moving from orgasm to ecstasy; the playful exploration of lovemaking postures and a lot more.

The most immediate way to start to build energy in the body is through ‘deep breathing’, the first key. Filling the lungs, belly and whole body with breath brings increased energy to the extremities of the body, expands sensory perceptions and builds control over energy flow.

The second key is the need for movement in the body, expressing feelings and sensations. Sound is the third key. Ecstasy only comes when we let our feelings out, says Anand. Sound gives colour and tone to energy, increasing the release as well as communicating to your partner what you’re feeling.

Margot Anand characteristically doesn’t mince words when she talks about how ecstatic experience and real sexual communion does not necessarily a great life partnership make.

“I learned that tantric practice is not a panacea to having a stable and long lasting relationship, because being in blissful states is basically cultivating peak states, which are usually fleeting. Then you have to go back to washing the dishes and to situations where you have to work out your patterns, your differences.”

If a couple are practicing SkyDancing Tantra and they have true love, the practices will deepen their love. It’s a path that a couple must take together, “When a couple understands the ecstatic language and how it works, they are a guaranteed to be objects of pleasure for each other,” says Anand.

“When they know how to pleasure each other there is a huge incentive for staying together. In normal life what happens for couples is that dimension is not cultivated anymore or it dies away.”

“Love in the heart has nothing to do with sex,” she states. “Sex potentially can cultivate and enhance it but love is love. Where we take it and where it takes us is a matter of its own accord, and we have to realise that, because love is of the Divine, and love is grace and love is a flower that is very delicate and can bloom in the morning and die in the evening. And its fragrance is very subtle.”

She stresses the importance of cultivating sexual energy for singles, and aligning all parts of the self, which makes you more attractive to a partner. A starting point is to focus on the chakras whilst meditating or self-pleasuring and perhaps visualise a partner.

Anand outlines the importance of understanding how your sexual energy functions, commencing at the root chakra and remembering at all times, “’I am an orgasmic woman (or man)’ which means letting go of all trouble-making thoughts, complaints and comparisons.”

She then explains that when moving the energy up to the second chakra that you focus on ’I love my body and my body is fluid’ so I can move with you [my partner] and I can enjoy my body.

Taking care of yourself is essential, and in the third chakra the focus is on power: “I share my power, I have power, I am an orgasmic woman/man, you have power and you are an orgasmic man/woman. Now we are going to share our breath, movement and pleasure together so we rise to this wonderful moment together.”

She says that when moving energy up to the heart chakra, the invitation is, “’I welcome you no matter who you are and I accept you’ and the throat’s is ‘I’m communicating lovingly what works for me and I’m asking what works for you’. The third eye invitation is ‘I have a vision of us together that is slowly manifesting’ and the crown’s is ‘let’s be in the oneness space’.”

Margot Anand believes that mastering self-cultivation of sexual energy not only makes you a better partner, but the responsibility for our own orgasmic experience actually rests with our selves.

The degree of flow in our energy rests in our knowledge of how to circulate our energy through our Inner Flute, how to self-pleasure and how to communicate our needs and desires in a loving manner, as well as being able to hold the ejaculation (or collaborate in this process if you’re the female partner) to build and release the orgasmic energy flow. This is a skilled practice detailed in her book.

Practising sexual magic is another tool for transformation and personal development which uses sexual energy as a catalyst to harness orgasmic power with intention. Anand explains that sexual magic is to release at the moment of orgasm the vision of what you and your partner intend. With sexual magic you can focus your sexual energy on healing and transformation or whatever you want. Her book The Art of Sexual Magic was born out of a conversation with Deepak Chopra.

Importantly, doing sex magic is predicated on the understanding that you are a vibrational match with whatever you want to call in. It’s essential to know that the universe responds to feelings, not thoughts. So you must be honest enough to be fully aligned with what is felt in your body, not your head saying one thing and your heart the opposite. “So if you think all the time about what you don’t have, you are never going to call in what you want to have,” explains Anand.

Margot Anand’s prolific teachings have assisted thousands of people over many years to “land in the ultimate inner bliss” and she offers many useful keys to personal development using sexual energy. Her practices are founded on simple techniques to cultivate sexual energy and pleasure through deep breathing, moving the body, making sound as well as moving energy through the chakras. Mastering these foundational points enables transformation of energy on a personal and relational level to experience much greater feelings of lightness, healing and bliss.

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