In the past 20 years angelogist Doreen Virtue has propelled global attention on how working with angels can assist to find your life purpose, attract and maintain relationships and improve health.

Her maxim is that ‘the angels have a purpose to enact God’s will, which is peace on earth, one person at a time’ and reveals a belief that if each person is peaceful, then we will have a world full of peaceful people.

Sometimes easier said than done, she concedes, but an effective way forward.

A car-jacking and 2 sentences ignited global fascination for angels

It’s hard to fathom that in 1996 Doreen Virtue was told that angel books were a dead genre and nobody wants to know about them. A life changing car-jacking and a two sentence pitch email to her publisher Hay House changed all of that. Today angel oracle cards, books and workshops are ubiquitous. Interest in them is escalating rapidly.

An act of interceded prayer

Communicating with angels and archangels – asking for and receiving their guidance – is essentially an act of prayer for Virtue.

It is flipping the energy of stress and worry (habitual negative self-talk and ingrained unconscious patterns) to a more life-affirming, outcome-orientated higher vibration energy.

Prayer is not directed to the angels per se, but rather through their intersession to God or the Divine or whatever name is ascribed to a higher being. She teaches that the act of asking for assistance from angels is essential and then one must be prepared to listen and act on guidance. Prayer is obviously petitioned through the energy of thoughts (in words) so the intention and awareness behind them is vital. The angels recently stressed upon her the importance of high vibratory communication.

The big questions for angels

Doreen Virtue’s facilitation and teachings assist with core questions – how to have greater inner peace, a life partner, health and wellbeing and a life purpose? How to influence world leaders energetically and create world peace?

Her workshops around the world are consistently sold out, she’s written and co-authored over 68 books (that’s nearly 3 per year), 58 ebooks, many audio programs and 28 oracle card decks. Two of her books The Angel Therapy Handbook (2011) and Angel Words: Visual Evidence of how Words can be Angels in your Life (2010) demonstrate her commitment to build the global pool of spiritual teachers and communicate with more awareness in a higher vibration and assist people live intuitively.

Prolific output

Generous with her knowledge, Virtue’s output is prolific. Yet she still finds time to dive near her home in Hawaii (she is a divemaster) and swim with her girlfriends wearing a mermaid mono-fin tail.

An ardent environmentalist and animal rites supporter, she regularly donates money to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and is involved in farm-animal and sea-animal advocacy groups such as Ocean Defenders Alliance and the Humane Society. A committed vegan, she is passionate about diet, both her own and those she assists.

A striking crone and grandmother

Raised with a Christian Science background, this American grandmother is a striking example of a crone in full flight. A compassionate woman, wearing the strong mantle of celebrity with humility and patience, she teaches her many students with gentle encouragement.

Strong self-care

Her long-haired youthfulness belies a strong commitment to self-care and a diligent adherence to diet and exercise, something she espouses with great regularity. You could easily imagine her in Hawaii, bikini and sarong clad with bare feet and her beloved pet dog under her arm.

A young mum with little money

But it wasn’t always like this. She’s quick to share her tales of being a twenty-something mum and wife with little money for food and electricity. In time, she graduated with a MA and PhD, becoming a sort-after psychotherapist and media spokesperson, specialising in substance abuse and eating disorders. With clients she interwove what was channelled through her without revealing its source, anxious to avoid the ridicule of her younger years, when she was teased. A fourth generation metaphysician, Virtue saw angels and was naturally clairvoyant as a child, but felt ‘weird and strange’ in a world that didn’t understand them.

Of her former career days, Virtue herself reports that she was wilful. Just prior to driving her BMW convertible one day in 1995 she was strongly warned it would be stolen. Not heeding the warning, only one hour later when the car was stopped at her destination, two assailants pointed a gun at her. A voice, she attributes to Archangel Michael, cut through loudly, telling her to scream with all her might. Her screams attracted passerby attention and her would-be attackers ran off. She remained unharmed and nothing was stolen.

Swapped business suits for goddess gowns

In her workshop the very next day she swapped her business suits for ‘goddess gowns’ and started to interweave her teachings with information about angels.  She noticed that, as the millennium approached and growing concern about Y2K grew, her workshops in 1999 morphed from having “fringe type of people in my audiences, where everyone had tie-dye on to an audience wearing three piece suits. It was the first millennium shift and the angels just told me it was going to be fine.”  She parallels the panic around Y2K to the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar, counsels to keep a positive outlook and not contribute to growing fear and panic.

The Angel Therapy Handbook cites that “an ‘angel’, in our terms, is a celestial (non physical) being who is an egoless messenger of God… Angels are the delivers of Heaven’s love and guidance.”

We have at least 2 guardian angels

Virtue explains that all of us have at least two guardian angels, who are with us all of our lives and love us unconditionally. Some people have more, having asked for them or someone else asked on our behalf. Angels are non-denominational and assist people of every faith, working alongside Jesus and the Ascended Masters, assisting us to be at peace – their primary duty.

As ‘chief messengers of God’, the Archangels are the ‘managers of the angels’, larger and more powerful than the angels. Just like the guardian angels, the Archangels are non-denominational. They have specific fortes and characteristics, and although genderless, they have distinct male and female energies and personas. Of the many Archangels (various religions report different amounts), the four main Archangels are Michael (protector/courage), Gabriel (messenger/strength), Raphael (healer/health) and Uriel (illuminator/problem-solver). T

No worship, just work with angels for peace

he Archangels have appeared in sacred texts such as the Bible, the Apocryphal and Talmudic biblical books, the Kabbalah and the Qur’an. We don’t pray or worship angels or archangels, merely work with them for peace. Technically, accordingly to Virtue, angels refer to messengers of God, not deceased ones (however saintlike they may be!) who are more ‘spirit guides’ than angels, functioning at a different energy frequency.

You don’t have to earn love, you are loved

“The first thing angels help you to do is to know that you are not alone, ever, that you are loved for who you are, right now,” she counsels.  “You don’t have to earn love, you are loved. Angels help us to lift the fears that take away from that feeling of peace, joy and love, so angels can help you to feel safe with someone by your side guarding and protecting you.”

I feel much happier now

“That’s the number one thing I hear when I introduce people to working with angels – ‘gosh I feel so much happier now’ – and that’s what’s it’s really about, happiness and love to me are synonymous.  And when you lose the fear of doubt, that’s really where people start to feel enjoyment in each moment, in the now.”

Virtue finds that people more readily accept angels and archangels because they exist across many faiths.

Beyond religion

“I find that people will agree about angels who wouldn’t agree about God, or Jesus, because God and Jesus have come across with organised religions as male figures associated with guilt and with fear,” she says.

“Angels are really more of a blank slate, a starting place for a lot of folks who have moved away from their childhood religion or don’t have any kind of faith. Angels are so safe and accessible.  It’s something that we can all agree upon.  And that’s what I love about working with angels – how unifying they are.”

Helping to open the heart

Angels are conduits to opening the heart – individual and collective – and an important bridge facilitating this opening is communication through words, either thought or spoken, making the connection possible. Positive (high frequency) and negative (low frequency) words attract and creative life experiences.

“It wasn’t until Angel Words that the whole point was really driven into me that every single word, individually, has the power to open your heart or close your heart,” she states.

Recently Virtue was podcasting with her son Grant and they discovered a relationship between the image of verbal words and energetic vibration. Angel Words is a body of visual research that adds to the collective research about how the words we say affect us.

“I said the word “angel” and Grant stopped me and said Mum, when you said that word, look at this, and he turned his computer around and there was a graph that was shaped like an angel wings flying.”

They noted that the visual graphic representation on a computer of a particular word, despite the way in which it was said – with irony, different volumes and emotions etc – correlated to its intrinsic energetic vibration, either high (positive) or low (negative). Grant tried saying positive words with fear in his heart and also anger, and a couple of other emotions that are considered low, and it didn’t matter, it always had the higher vibration in it.

The energy of words is felt through the body, whether spoken as self-talk or by someone else. For example, a stomach tightens when the conversation gets gossipy or the heart opens if the conversation becomes warm and loving. She explains “just watch what your body does. Your body will tell you if it’s a high or a low vibrating verbal communication, and what this really shows is if you speaking from your ego or from your higher self.”

The energy of words has big impact

Angel Words details many scientific studies on the impact of words and importantly, for Virtue, communication is a key element in connecting with angels, and bringing about peace on the planet.

“Just like second hand smoke, when people smoke cigarettes, it creates pollution, our words do the same thing,” explains Virtue.  “So if you’ve ever been around someone, like a stranger who is yelling, or even worse, cursing, it upsets everyone around them, and so our biggest contribution we can make is to be at peace.”

“To go outside of your house and to be at peace is no easy task, it’s easy to be at peace when you are home alone, but to go outside, to ordinary places like Big W or something like that and to walk around and be at peace, you are more of a spiritual teacher than someone who has written a book to me.”

Think what you desire, not fear

Given that you think in words, Virtue further extrapolates, “your thoughts need to be monitored and controlled, which means deciding to think about what you desire, instead of what you fear.”

Angels help with world politicians

Doreen Virtue consciously and consistently uses her work with angels to help energetically shift the motivations of world politicians and bring about balance and harmony.

“I’m very politically active in terms of being aware of what’s going on worldwide and in America, and so the politicians, whether we like them or not, are affecting all of us,” she states. “I believe that highly sensitive people, even more than others, need to stay aware of world events.”

She sees that too many people she meets at spiritual events have just dropped out, not voting, reading the news and not wanting to know what’s going on. “I can understand that,” she says. “But it’s a mistake because then only people who are insensitive are running the countries.”

She’s met politicians backstage and on television and radio shows that she’s been in. She has worked with them for years.

Understanding that these are the key people affecting the whole planet, including world bankers, says that “those are the folks that I work on the most, because I believe that deep down, everybody has goodness, and everyone has Godliness in them.”

“I really believe that even the most evil people have the potential to be good people, and so I work with the angels to lift away the selfishness from these world leaders all the time and I ask for help with other people who pray, to do the same thing,” she adds.  “I think that if enough of us pray to lift their selfishness, that it can open their hearts to compassion.”

Listen to the truth, as you know it

Awareness is a matter of balance and not just reading the news, but going with what your gut tells you and she says that “we’ve to just be really be aware of what we feel the truth is and really trust that, that inner feeling.”  She cautions about not getting too obsessed with it, but just figuring out what anyone can a do, as an individual, to help, whether by voting, writing a letter to the editor, or talking with someone else.

Feminine and powerful = strength

Working with all people across the globe is important and Virtue believes that women have a unique role in moving the planet forward, particularly those in leadership or potential leadership positions. She sees that the next wave is being highly feminine and powerful at the same time, and we need role models for that.

The majority of Virtue’s students are family-centric women. “You don’t have to have a job outside the home to be powerful, you can be a stay at home mother, and be one of the most powerful women in the world. What we are looking for is women who own their femininity and who are also fully themselves. To me that’s the definition of strength,” she declares.

“It’s a matter of coming with balance because you’ve also got to retain your softness and your thoughtfulness, you’ve got to retain the gentleness, and so the gentle crone who is fully herself, I think is, is the most attractive being in this planet.”

Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty helps to silence the voice of the ego

The gentle crone gives one final word of advice of how she parks her ego in the driveway. She finds that the main thing that works for her is to call upon Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, whose name means ‘beauty of God’.

After reading A Course in Miracles 20 times, Virtue reports that “it doesn’t personally work for me as well as calling Jophiel and just saying ‘help’.  And every time I do that the ego is silenced.  She’s got her finger on the pulse and I love that she is a feminine angel.” Surely this is a great start for peace on earth.

Doreen recommends to talk with angels:

1.     Address any fears so they don’t hinder your Divine connections. Fear is the main factor blocking transmissions.

2.     It’s not blasphemous to talk to angels, as they are messengers of God.

3.     Centre yourself in a meditative space, simply be receptive and notice all thoughts, feelings, visions and words that come to you.

4.     True Divine guidance is uplifting and inspiring. Angel messages always mention how to improve on something – outlook, health, relationships etc.

5.     God, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and angels all speak with loving words – their sentence constructions involve ‘you’ and ‘we’, where the ego will use ‘I’.

6.     Ask for a sign verifying their message if you’re not sure you’re hearing your angels and be alert for unusual happenings.

7.     Ask for help, as with any conversation – perhaps the angels need to speak up or clarify what they have said.

8.     Turn it over – don’t carry your fears single-handedly. Give it to the angels. It’s not that you have fears, it’s how you handle them that counts. Archangel Jophiel is especially helpful at beautifying thoughts.

9.     Check your lifestyle – diet, sleeping, exercise to support your growing sensitivity.

10.  Keep notes of your messages received in a journal.

11.  Practice, practice and practice. This will help you develop confidence.


This article was originally published in Wellbeing magazine, June 2011

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