So what are some simple steps that a woman can take, to move beyond, be truly beautiful, whatever her age?


  1. Pay it forward – practice random acts of beauty

Look for beauty in the world around you. Look for just one thing in someone else that’s beautiful. Tell strangers how beautiful they are. It’s remarkable to see them melt and smile when they are acknowledged. It also comes right back at you.

At The Butterfly Temple we want you to get the beauty habit. Tell 2 people every day how beautiful they are. One of those people is you, and the other can be a loved one or stranger.

  1. Develop intimacy with yourself – look within, not outside yourself.

Develop an intimacy with yourself and take loving care of yourself. The quickest way to feel beautiful is to feel and ground in your body. It sounds simple, but for some women this can be challenging to start.

For example, when you shower, take time to feel the water touching your skin. Feel every part of your body. Just be aware. Engage your senses. You don’t have to do anything big. Pay attention to what you see, hear, taste and touch.

Acknowledge your body as the most sacred place you have ever visited.

If you’ve ever looked after a small baby, remember how much care you lavished on that little person – give this to yourself.

  1. Don’t change your life – just start the day in bed with 10 minutes of breathing

Many women are busy, with families and a career.

Don’t add one more thing to the to-do list, just be more aware of what you’re doing. Start the day with 10 minutes lying in bed just breathing. Make this time your meditation, the most sacred moment of your day. Start your day by appreciating and prioritising yourself before anything or anyone else

A daily practice feeds your mind and energy. You feel a lot better.

  1. Stay in contact with your rhythms

Be as natural as possible and stay in contact with your rhythms. Remain connected to your menstrual cycle (if that’s still there for you) and move inside on those days, be active when you have energy and rest when you’re tired. This will support you feeling feminine, however that is for you.

When your cycle naturally moves out again, you’ll feel more attractive and connected with your energy and femininity.

  1. Practice forgiveness and compassion

Forgiveness cleans out the old clutter and makes space for the new. It’s the best way to wipe a slate clean and silence those nitty-picky voices. When you forgive (especially yourself) you no longer drag around what’s old. Take responsibility for yourself and your choices.

  1. Trust yourself

Trust your feminine wisdom to know when the appropriate time is to trust life and to have faith in others. And when to walk away. Sometimes this is a lot easier said than done, so get some help, speak to a friend or mentor.

Prioritise your needs, so you have a full tank. Do what it takes to find out what you want in life and go for your dreams.

Be courageous – speak up, speak out. Say yes to what matters and no to distractions.

  1. Do small things to cultivate a life of beauty

Imagine you are 80 years old and full of wisdom, write a letter to your younger self with all that wisdom from your life experience. Appreciate who and what you are.

Clean out your space. Listen to inspiring music. Only wear clothes you love, that enhance you, fashionable or not. Surround yourself with kind and compassionate people.

  1. Be thankful for what you have

Even if you’ve had a life filled with hardship, make it a choice to be thankful for the beauty you do have. This is the fastest way to fill your tank and gain energy – see what you do have, and not focus on what’s missing. And then take appropriate steps to get what your heart yearns for. It’s remarkable how gratitude sparks greater abundance and opportunity.

When you practice small and consistent acts of beauty the world starts to shine a little more. It’s that simple.

True Beauty means going for simplicity. And in a very intimate way, caring for yourself. And appreciating the incredible place of being a woman.

That’s what connects you to your beauty.

And your power.

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Trudy Johnston is a grandma, life-long student of transformation, passionate writer, media whiz, story teller, tango dancer, yogini and chocolate addict.

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  1. Sally

    I can vouch for random acts of beauty (and kindness)! Many years ago I attended a series of courses in Laguna Beach California. As you might expect, there were many women with varying degrees of plastic surgery and enhancements. It was still not especially trendy in Australia so it shocked me at its commonplace appearance. So…I decided to find ways of complimenting the women on things totally unrelated to their ‘created’ looks. I told shopkeepers how much I loved their choice of flowers or the font they used for their signage, I told other course participants how much I enjoyed their presence in the group, I told one person how their laugh warmed my heart. It’s interesting when you start to seek out and find beauty in others that is nothing to do with how they look in any way. I urge you to try it out! I also walked the entire main road of Laguna Beach filling up expired parking metres with quarters! (It was legal to refill metres over there!) I can tell you, after a day spent like this well you just *feel* utterly gorgeous. And I did.


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