Masculine and Feminine Essence

Masculine and Feminine Essence

Leaving aside the need for achieving so-called equality between the sexed, what are the benefits to yourself and your community when you reconnect to your own true feminine or masculine essence?
inner connection

Inner Radiance

True Beauty is a journey of finding self-acceptance and self-worth that is not bound up in physical appearance. Irrespective of looks, age and size, beauty is fundamentally an inner job for women.
Dooren Virtue

Sexuality – a gateway for personal development

Pleasure is one of the most potent and catalytic doorways to healing and transformation. Harnessing your ecstatic sexual energy can be a highly effective personal development pathway. Internationally renowned SkyDancing Tantra teacher Margot Anand shows how being sexually ecstatic brings lightness and joy and is completely transformational.
True Beauty

What is true beauty?

When a woman is truly radiant, her beauty is unmistakable. Luminous and expansive, she is magnetic, Attractive, lovely and sensual. A woman will light up a room when she radiates confidence and peace in hers...