The Butterfly Temple is a global campaign for women to wake up and see the beauty that lies inside us. As we truly are, right here, right now. Without having to change anything about ourselves, only how we see ourselves.

We believe our vision is do-able: that by 2020 every woman in the world will see herself as beautiful, regardless of her looks, body size or age.

The Butterfly Temple is an information portal. We offer quality, thought-provoking articles, podcasts and video clips to provoke, inform, enrage and entertain you.

We collaborate with other creative women and run online and offline events to spread our message.

We are a global community of women, supported by men.

Our goal is to dislodge the malaise and move the inertia that keeps women on a miserable treadmill and teaches young girls to look like a photo-shopped celebrity to be worthwhile and valued.

We know that True Beauty is power. Seeing our beauty is powerful expression. The whole world resonates, because we are all connected.

Beauty is an inner job. When we give ourselves permission to feel beautiful, everyone around us has permission as well.

This is the next level of human evolution.


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About The Author

Trudy Johnston

Trudy Johnston is a grandma, life-long student of transformation, passionate writer, media whiz, story teller, tango dancer, yogini and chocolate addict.

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