Founder of The Butterfly Temple Trudy Johnston knows a thing or two about just what it takes to feel beautiful.

When I was four years old, my mother left my younger brother, sister and I with a neighbor. And never came back. By the time I was 11, my family had lost everything which catapulted my father into a serious illness.

I was a single mum aged 21, unqualified, receiving government benefits and not much support. Or confidence, for that matter.

Fast forward 20 years, I had university lectureships and a university scholarship under my belt, and a well-respected arts PR and marketing business ( I worked for the Sydney2000 Olympics and top arts organisations.

But I was yet to undertake the most challenging decade of my life with a family member. We’re lucky to be here. Others didn’t make it through.

A few years ago, I forgave my mother for abandoning me. We both found peace.

Then I learnt to stop abandoning myself. It was not easy. Painful, alone, step by step. Often my best (and sometimes only) companion was my yoga mat.

Just over a year later, the man of my dreams danced his way into my life and my beautiful granddaughter soon followed.

I’ve created this global campaign for True Beauty because I know that there is a place of innocence behind every suffering smile; a place of beauty and peace. And a wonderful life to create.

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