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The Warrior Women Among Us

Let me preface this article by confessing that I have hijacked The Butterfly Temple blog. I feel blessed to work on this global campaign but was unsure that if I showed this article to our fearless leader, Trudy, she would allow me to post it. I hope it inspires you to look around you, recognise and thank the warrior women among us.
Illustrated map by Ed Fairburn

My Big Lesson From Author Rosie Waterland

Telling the total, utter darkness of one’s life story with humour speaks not only about story telling finesse, but how an author successfully finds lightness and purpose – a through line - when you might expect...
Beautiful Girl & Autumn Landscape

Facebook & Instagram: hooked on vanity?

Does Facebook and Instagram actually help to feed our masks, of what we want others to see of us? Is our self-image about how others might perceive us, rather than what’s real – and ultimately beautiful – in ourselves?