The Butterfly Temple honours the places of transformation in a woman’s life so we can all live to the fullest of who we are – in all of our magnificence, colour and beauty.

For this to happen, as women, we must walk through the different stages of our lives, go into our cocoon in order to grow.

Life moves in cycles.

If you watch nature, you’ll see the natural rhythm of death, rebirth, change, movement, chaos and back to life again.

It’s unending.

Think of leaves as they start as tiny buds, bursting open, unfurling, then falling from the tree, decaying on the ground and finally composting the soil to create nutrients for the tree to grow more leaves.

You’ll see this so markedly in the changing seasons and in every arena of nature.


Butterflies Aren’t Born Butterflies
The butterfly is a universal symbol of transformation. And that’s because a butterfly can only ever start as a caterpillar. Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but butterflies are never born as butterflies.

Think about that for a moment – to fully transform and emerge as an exquisite creature of beauty – caterpillars surrender themselves to a sort of death so they can emerge with wings.

They must enter into their cocoon in full trust and faith.

This caterpillar doesn’t know what’s going to happen. It doesn’t know it will emerge as a butterfly, if it allows the process of transformation to happen.

Just as the caterpillar must die to its hairy grub self, so to we must leave our safe shores so that we transform.


Live and Let Die
What is familiar must be relinquished. What is known and finished must die.

It’s almost like being in a tunnel … and some people call it the ‘long dark night of the soul.’

Beautiful yet fragile, to actually emerge as a butterfly takes two things – great courage and knowingness of what is actually complete and what must die.

It takes inner reflection and trust in knowing that in the process of death what will come is something that is far greater than what was.

Unlike caterpillars, magnificent, colourful butterflies have wings that give them a capacity to fly. And, importantly, the ability to pollinate flowers and catalyse creation and life.

Just like us. We let go of our hairy, slow, inching crawling fat wingless selves to emerge in beauty as a pollinator of life.

With an ability to create and gestate life – and be an inextricable part of the food chain of the interconnectedness of life. Incredible.


That’s the Butterfly, Now for the ‘Temple’
Temples hold that which is sacred. At The Butterfly Temple we support women everywhere to hold themselves as sacred in a new way – care, value and nurture themselves in loving and respectful ways.

In a way that is beyond any attributes of superficial identity.

We’ve seen enormous social change in the last 50 years, where we’ve been encouraged to see ourselves in new and more connected ways.

Connecting with ourselves, with others and creating community. It’s incredible the speed of change and what’s been created from this shift in mindset.

It has been an enormous gain. However, there is a lot of lip service in the media about honouring and respecting ourselves, but actually promoting the opposite.

So, the Butterfly Temple, we’re asking, ‘what is that process of transformation for you?’ ‘What’s the process of transformation for our planet’?

‘How can we support each other to emerge and fly as the beautiful butterflies we are, in our own way?’


How Can we Hold Ourselves as Sacred?
We restore our trust in ourselves, our faith in others and see ourselves with eyes of innocence and kindness, as we did when we were small children.

So, if the Butterfly Temple can make a small contribution to reclaiming connectedness, where we can trust ourselves, where we can hold ourselves with care and as innocent, irrespective of what’s happened to us in ourselves and in our lives, we will have done our job.

That’s our goal, that’s our vision, and ultimately that’s a vision of love. Of forgiveness and compassion.

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About The Author

Trudy Johnston

Trudy Johnston is a grandma, life-long student of transformation, passionate writer, media whiz, story teller, tango dancer, yogini and chocolate addict.

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2 Responses

  1. Alexandra

    “…to fully transform and emerge as a butterfly takes two things – great courage and knowingness of what is actually complete and what must die.” YES YES YES this is particularly applicable for me when letting go is inadvertently held onto under the preimise of otherwise perceived failure. Thank you for your words and the inspiring message.

    • Trudy Johnston
      Trudy Johnston

      Thanks Alex.. in our society and culture we’re not taught about death and how that gives life.. so we hang onto what’s finished and over for far too long.. and unfortunately in our feelings of loss and in our grief, we often miss the gain for us.. we then label it as ‘failure’ without seeing that its come to its natural end.. xx


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