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My Big Lesson From Author Rosie Waterland

Telling the total, utter darkness of one’s life story with humour speaks not only about story telling finesse, but how an author successfully finds lightness and purpose – a through line - when you might expect...
Unexpected Outcome

The Unexpected Outcome of Forgiving My Mother

Every shop you go into has some reference to Mother’s Day. It’s everywhere. This year I’ll be the one celebrating – a celebration of me, above all else. Mother’s Day as a child was the one day of the year th...
Beautiful Girl & Autumn Landscape

Facebook & Instagram: hooked on vanity?

Does Facebook and Instagram actually help to feed our masks, of what we want others to see of us? Is our self-image about how others might perceive us, rather than what’s real – and ultimately beautiful – in ourselves?
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Having It All…Except Happiness

My journey began with these kinds of questions, ‘Who am I outside of my career? Who am I outside of my role as a mother?’ 'Whose life am I living?’
International Womens Day

Excerpts of IWD speech

It was extraordinary to launch The Butterfly Temple at the Northern Rivers International Women’s Day lunch in Ballina on Friday 6 March. To speak about True Beauty in front of a captive audience of 300 women...
Artwork by Zhou Fan

Move Beyond

So what are some simple steps that a woman can take, to move beyond, be truly beautiful, whatever her age?   Pay it forward - practice random acts of beauty Look for beauty in the world aroun...
Indigenous Grandmothers

Thought Leaders

We have many incredible wise and courageous women around us. They show us the way, how to shine and be leaders in a powerful, feminine way. We support them as they support us.
Angel wings

On the Wings of Angels: interview with Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue calls upon Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty, whose name means ‘beauty of God’ to help silence her ego. “She’s got her finger on the pulse and I love that she is a feminine angel,” says Doreen. Surely this is a great start for peace on earth?